UNICEF HK Make A Video 2017 Finalist - Senior Secondary School Category
Lee Kwun Chung (Po Chiu Catholic Secondary School)



There seems to be a set of standards for beauty in the community. Many people are willing to follow this set of standards and go out to spend money on dressing and even cosmetic surgery. However, is this really what beauty is?


Food for Thought:

  1. What is your own definition of ‘Beauty’ ? (You can try to use an example to express your view) 

  2. Are you sensitive to your own appearance? Why? 

  3. Do you think ‘Outer Beauty’ or ‘Inner Beauty’ is more important? (Hints: ‘Outer Beauty’ = Appearance, Outfit, Body Shape,etc ; ‘Inner Beauty’ = Manners, Knowledge, Behaviors,etc) 

  4. Have you ever been criticised by people around you about your appearance or outfit? If yes, how did you react to these comments? Imagine your reactions if you have not encountered such situations.