Theatre-in-Education Programme: Saving Turbo from Trouble Online

Teachers' sharing

Ms Huen Yu-mei, Yantak Catholic Primary School

"Students are highly involved in the programme, which enable them to learn about their own rights and the importance of respecting others at the same time."


Ms Wong Fung Mei, South Yuen Long Goverment Primary School

"The programme is innovative and engaging. Its content can greatly stimulate students' interest. The role-playing sessions help delivering key messages and facilitating them to learn more effectively."



Students' sharing

The most impressive moments in the drama



School Partnership Scheme 2016/17

Teachers' sharing 


Students' sharing

Students' reflections and expectations on study pressure in the "local issue" session

"I can handle it. It's all about time management. I will prioritize the things that I should do, and then later come to the things that I want to do. "

"I'm quite stressed. It is hard to catch up with the teaching progress. And I don't have much time to play and sleep as there is a lot of homework and tests.

The scope and content of DSE are too challenging for me to handle.

My ideal learning environment is learning with fun, not much to recite and students should NOT be study machines."


"I feel some stress from studying. My classmates keep doing better academically but my performance remains more or less the same. I feel I am lagging behind. I always feel that I don't have enough time given my poor skills in time management... I don't know what to do..."

"Sometimes I feel tired, have no more motivation to study hard. I just force myself to study... I love studying and am willing to learn new things. But I don't have enough time to digest them as there is a lot of homework and quizzes... I hope my teachers can give us more time. And I don't want to give up everything just because of studying. I want to have some more time to exercise."


 In the "War and Refugee Children" lesson, student design hashtag as a response to child soldier issue



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