The UNICEF HK School Partnership Scheme is a collaborative, innovative and diverse school-based learning and teaching programme that develops students’ global competence and self-awareness. It also strives to cultivate an environment where rights and respect, as well as duties and responsibilities can co-exist. Our Education Team works closely with teachers and students of partners schools to develop curricula and activities relating child rights and global children’s issues.


Content & Learning Activities

Through school talk, lesson and students' initiatives, student can learn about:

School Talks Lesson Students' Initialtives


  1. Global children’s issues (e.g. War & child refugee, child trafficking)
  2. Local children’s issues (e.g. Social inclusion, study pressure)
  3. Concepts of child rights (Rights, respect and responsibility)

Flamework of School Partnership Scheme 2018/19


Katie Au, Assistant Manager - Education
Tel: 2836 2960 / 2338 5151
Email: [email protected]

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