A fight for education like you’ve never seen before


The animation reveals how the war affected the children of South Sudan in an interesting.


To know more:

72% of children in South Sudan are not in school. In times of crisis education offers hope and the possibility of a future. 27 million children are out of school in conflict zones and only 50 per cent of refugee children are enrolled in primary school. Every child deserves quality education, our future depends on it.



-General Studies – A Global Perspective: Introduction to Common Issues of Concern
-Life and Society (S1-S3) – Rights of the Child (Module 21), International Politics (Module 28), Global Citizenship and Humanitarian Work (Module 29)


Food for Thought:

  1. What experiences did the girl have in fleeing from war? (hint: How is her life affected? Her hopes and dreams?)
  2. What do you think the larger pair of shoes symbolize?
  3. How can the book in the video protect the girl?
  4. If you were the girl in the video, which THREE things will you bring with you when you are fleeing? Why?









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A fight for education like you’ve never seen before
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