COPE COVID-19 Storybook for Children


As the COVID-19 pandemic is completely new to children, they rely on parents and teachers to provide the facts and build up their correct understanding of the pandemic.


COPE COVID-19 Storybook is a fun, innovative and beautifully illustrated children’s books, targeting children from age 5-10 to help them understand the ongoing situation. From the storybook, children can learn how the virus is spread, how to stay safe and how to keep smiling during COVID-19. They also get a glimpse into other children’s pandemic experience around the world.


The storybook is created by Martha Keswick, Mariko Jesse and Timothy Sim, in collaboration with experts from different countries. The storybook is endorsed by UNICEF, and together with UNICEF Hong Kong to localize the contents for our young readers in Hong Kong.





Animation (Cantonese and Sign Language)







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COPE COVID-19 Storybook for Children

Publish Year: 2020
Pages: 16

Target: Children aged 5-10 and their parents




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