How to Respond to Children's Emotions? - A response to COVID-19


Many people have been staying at home to avoid infection sine the outbreak started. Facing a life with limitations, bombarded by information about the pandemic and a sense of an uncontrollable situation may lead to various emotions, including boredom, anxiety, worries and panic, or even physical symptoms like body aches, chest congestion and insomnia. All of these are normal reactions.

At this critical time, family members have to support each other and make sure everyone feels safe at home in addition to physical protection. It is important to maintain a healthy mind. At the same time, children are a witness to everything that is happening. They too feel relieved if parents respond to the pandemic calmly an confidently. 

How to explain the outbreak to children?
How to respond to children's emotions?
How to maintain harmony in the family?

This booklet provides parenting tips in responding children's emotions as well as health tips for fighting the virus.








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Booklet: How to respond to children s emotion?

Publish Year: 2020
Pages: 12

Target: Parent, Teacher, Child Care Worker




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How to Respond to Children's Emotions? - A response to COVID-19
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