Study to Win?


UNICEF HK Make A Video, Junior Secondary School Category - The Young Creative Award
Lo Ho Hin (PLK Ma Kam Ming College)



The story is about how I have been deprived of most of my playing time by my parents because of academic problems. I wish to express my feelings through the video. The creative concept comes from the tutorial centre that I started attending when I was young, and also the huge amount of homework from secondary school. I also want to bring out the message that playing and learning should be well-balanced. I hope this video can let viewers, especially parents, understand that children’s playing time is also essential for our development.


Food for Thought:

  1. “Hard work brings rewards; play brings no benefits.” Do you agree with the statement? Why?

  2. If you were the protagonist in the video, try to use ONE sentence to express your views to your parents.


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