Making Friends


UNICEF HK Make A Video 
Muhammad Zulkifl (Caritas Jockey Club Integrated Service For Young People - Wong Tai Sin)



My video is about a problem I faced when I first entered my secondary school. I couldn’t make friends with any Chinese. This video is to show parents what children may go through when starting a new school. I hope parents will be able to give some accurate advices to their children. The video solves the problem with the main character getting advices and encouragement from a friend. With this help, the main character goes up to the other students and interacts with them. Soon they find out that their racial differences does not matter as they have a lot in common, mainly basketball. I wish to inspire other people who face a similar problem.


Food for Thought:

  1. What experiences did the ethnic minority student in the video have in adapting to a new environment? (Hints: positive/ negative aspect? details?)

  2. What are the possible difficulties that an ethnic minority student may encounter when adapting to a new learning environment?

  3. Suggest ONE way that schools can help ethnic minority students in adapting to the new learning environment.

  4. Group discussion: Supposed you belong to one of the class committees; a new classmate with an ethnic minority background is joining your class. Design ONE activity or object that can help the student in adapting to campus life. (e.g. welcoming pack/ orientation activity/ school information)