Vincent in Silentland


UNICEF HK Make A Video 2016 Senior Secondary School Category- The Most Representative Video Story Award
Wan Tsz Wai (Chinese YMCA of Hong Kong Y's Men's Centre for the Deaf)



I am deaf, and I can neither hear nor speak. Therefore, I face difficulties in communication. I wonder if the people who can hear well can understand my thoughts and feelings. This story takes place on the road. There are many healthy people on the street, but the protagonist is the only deaf one. He tries to ask passers-by ‘where is the toilet?’ but nobody answers or pays attention to him. This upsets him a lot.


Food for Thought:

  1. What difficulties did the protagonist encounter?
  2. How can people in the society help the protagonist?
  3. Group activity: Pair up and express the following ideas to:
    • Where is the washroom?
    • What is your favourite subject?
  4. Share your feelings towards your experience from the group task in Question 3.

[For teacher’s reference] Conclusion: The activity simulates the real-life situation of hearing-impaired persons’ communication with people who do not understand sign language. Teachers can facilitate students in recalling the difficulties and their feelings during the activity. Teachers can then highlight that hearing-impaired persons may face similar difficulties and feelings every day.