Dear baby… Life advice for your first 1,000 days


To know more:

The first 1000 days upon the birth of babies are of paramount importance. In each second, there are 1000 neuron connections being built and developed in the babies' brain. Yet, such a rapid growth rate could hardly be found in any other developmental phase afterwards. These connections contribute to the development of children's brain function and learning ability, and lay a solid foundation for their future health and happiness.


Food for Thought:

  1. What do you consider as the most important thing in life? (hint: what do you look forward to? Eating? Playing?) 

  2. What are some of your best memories growing up? What are some of the lessons you learnt while experiencing them? 

  3. Have you ever thought why your parents treat you the way they do? What do you think are their motivations to do so?