UNICEF HK Make A Video 2018 Special Mention Award - Junior Secondary School Category

Cheung Cho Yi (Pope Paul VI College)



The story begins with a woman who was slapping someone. This incident was being recorded by others and the video clip was uploaded to the internet. After that the case entered legal proceedings and this video clip had become the evidence of the accuse. Unexpectedly, the defence lawyer submitted a new evidence that would change the whole case. This video hopes to remind people that things on the internet are not entirely accurate. In the era of post-truth, never accuse someone when you do not know the fact and truth, and also be responsible for your words and actions.


Food for Thought:

  1. Have you (or your friends) ever shared a similar experience as that portrayed in the video?

  2. Living in the digital age, what are some of the opportunities and challenges we face?

  3. Given the sheer volume of information available online, what are some of the methods you use to determine the accuracy of the information?