The Best One Minute Video Award - Senior Secondary School Category

Waiman Pun (Yam Chai Hospital Wong Wha San Secondary School)



I want to introduce a girl to you. She was a timid girl, who was too nervous to raise up her hands for a toilet break in lessons. She stayed alone all the time, as she was weak in communication and had no friend. She cared so much about the opinions of others. She felt worried for the whole day simply because of a little mistake she made. Yes, that was me. I was labelled as a quiet girl, which I wanted to get rid of the label. I want to change myself so that I can pursue what I want. Therefore, I joined the Radio Society and spoke up for myself. Plus, I joined various exchange tours to know more friends. Gradually, I turned into a girl who loves to smile and laugh. People always say that being young is our capital for adventures. If we are not willing to try now, then when is the right timing? It is unpreventable to face obstacles, but the fruitful results are definitely worthy. The process is long, but I am still learning how to enjoy it, how about you?


Food for Thought:

  1. To let others know you better, which 3 words would you use to decribe yourself?

  2. What is your weakness? Can you suggest some ways to tackle the weakness?

  3. If you are asked to breakthrough your boundary, what would it be? (For example, to achieve some goals with friends or improve relationship with family


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