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UNICEF HK Make A Video 2018 Special Mention Award - Senior Secondary School Category

Lee Ming Yi (Valtorta College)



When you see a child being abused, will you sit there or give a helping hand? When you see this kind of news on the Internet, will you just press "like" silently? Recently, I often see news about child abuse on the television. If you have the ability, are you willing to help them? Or will you stand next to them and comfort them? In this video, I hope that the audience can pay more attention to the abused children and help them all with maximum effort. The abused child is not only suffered from physical damage from their parents, but also psychological and spiritual damage. So when we are being loved by our parents, let them feel the feeling of love.


Food for Thought:

  1. How does abuse harm children?

  2. What kind of child right is infringed by abuse? (Hint: you man refer to “Convention on the Rights of the Child” of the United Nation)

  3. What can the society do to help them?(Hint: you may consider the roles of different stake holders (e.g. parent, teacher, teenager)

  4. Will you stand out if you come across injustice? What are your considerations behind your decision?


Extended Reading:

UNICEF HK (2018) - Booklet of UN Convention on the Rights of the Child