UNICEF HK Make A Video 2018 Special Mention Award - Senior Secondary School Category

Chan Wing Him (Cheung Chuk Shan College)



“The young man has grown up in the unpredictable forest…” I I didn’t feel much when I was listening to the song “Young man” by Supper Moment until now. When I listen to the song now, I feel helpless and can't help sighing. Looking back to past, you find that there are many regrets that cannot be remedied. If you have a Hourglass that can turn back time, will you hope to fix it? After you have watched this story, maybe…you will find out that the present is more valuable than the past. Even you keep hoping to fix your past mistakes, time will still go forward no matter what. Is it worthwhile to miss your present moment because of the past?


Food for Thought:

  1. Do you think time is enough?

  2. Do you think you spend time wisely?

  3. What do you think worth spending more time? What do you think is wasting time and can be abandoned?

  4. If you would have an extra hour per day, how would you spend the time?

  5. What is the greatest regret in your life? What would you do if you could go back in time?



Extended Reading:

UNICEF HK (2018) - Booklet of UN Convention on the Rights of the Child


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