UNICEF HK Make A Video Finalist - Senior Secondary School Category
Morrow Milo Francisco Ong (Hong Kong Children & Youth Services)


In this story, I would like to tell people that I want to have more playing time, and I wish my parents can support me. Every day, I attend a lot of tutorial classes, and this is why there is no free time for me to play. In addition, it seems that my parents do not want me to spend too much time playing. Therefore, I would like to use this one-minute video to express my feelings and encourage Hong Kong parents to understand their children more.


Relevant Curriculum:

Liberal Studies - Personal Development and Interpersonal Relationship, Hong Kong Today


Food for Thought:

  1. "Hard work brings rewards; play brings no benefits.” Do you agree with the statement? Why?
  2. If you are the protagonist in the video, try to use one line to express your views to your parents.


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