Kahoot! Online games on Child Rights


Learn child rights in a playful way! Kahoots! is a global game and online learning platform that teaches children about rights through quizzes and online games. The quizzes are designed for different levels and allow multiple players which are suitable for the in-class competition. Let’s play with your kids, youth and students!


Level 1: Intro to child rights

Level 2: Learn more about child rights

Level 3: Become an expert on child rights


The game was developed by UNICEF Norway and has been translated into a range of languages. You can find the global page to access Kahoot! here.






Teaching Material Download
School Action Guide: Kahoot! Online games on Child Rights

Publish Year: 2020
Pages: 11

Target: Teacher, Youth Worker
Kahoot! User and Support Guide

Publish Year: 2019
Pages: 7

Target: Teacher, Youth Worker




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