The UNICEF Club has strived to strengthen the connection between UNICEF HK and secondary schools since its launch in 2007. It provides a student-led platform without any restriction, in which participants can learn about the state of children around the world and take actions as global citizens. Student leaders are empowered to organize school activities in order to enhance their peers’ awareness of children’s issues around the world.



Role of UNICEF Club

  1. Organize self-initiated school activities

  2. Join UNICEF HK’s trainings and educational programmes

  3. Volunteer for UNICEF HK’s events


Student growth by taking part in UNICEF Club

  1. Learn about UNICEF’s work and engage in children's issues

  2. Organize campus activities, build and enhance project management and organizational skills

  3. Become global citizens and student leaders to contribute to society

UNICEF Club – Registration


How to set up UNICEF Club?

At least 1 Teacher Adviser with 4 students as Executive Committees

UNICEF Club has to:
- Organize at least 3 activities in schools OR organize 2 activities in schools and participate in 1 UNICEF HK's activity
- Communicate with UNICEF HK regularly through Annual Plan, Activity Proposal, Activity Report and Annual Report
- Get up-to-date information regarding UNICEF HK and UNICEF Club activities.


Support to school 
Our Project Officer and taskforce team will

  1. Subsidy for club activities, a maximum of $2,000 a year per school

  2. Priority enrollment for online school talk (via Zoom / Meet)

  3. Certificates of appreciation for student committee by the end of school year


 ►UNICEF Club 2023/24 Registration    



Hei Cheung, Lead (SDG & CRE)
Tel: 2836 2993
Email: [email protected]

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