Education Kit: The Syria Crisis and the Refugee Crisis in Europe (For Secondary School)


Who is the education kit for?

The education kit is designed to provide support to primary and secondary school teachers facilitating them to teach students about issues related to child refugees. The purpose is for students to grasp the global status of refugees, the background and development of the Syrian war and the different responses on the Refugee Crisis from Syrian’s neighboring regions and European countries. Students can also enhance their understanding of how war deprives child refugees of their various rights forcing them to flee.

What does this education kit contain?

The kit includes teacher handouts, student handouts, lesson plans, PowerPoint presentations and relevant teaching videos as references for teachers to design and plan the lessons


Curriculum Links for Secondary School:

-Life and Society (S1-S3) – Rights of the Child (Module 21), International Politics (Module 28), Global Citizenship and Humanitarian Work (Module 29)






Teaching Material Download
Overview of the Education Kit

Publish year: 2017
Pages: 4
Children in Crises: The Syria Crisis and the Refugee Crisis in Europe (Teacher Handouts)

Publish year: 2017
Pages: 17
Children in Crises: The Syria Crisis and the Refugee Crisis in Europe (Student Handouts)

Publish year: 2017
Pages: 6
Lesson 1: Overview of Refugee Crisis (40 mins)

-Q&A activity enables students to grasp an overview of the Refugee Crisis.
-Teacher can help elevate some common misunderstandings related to students’ impression of refugees and child refugees.
Lesson 2: The Backpack of the Refugee (40 mins)

-In the ranking activity students encounter decision making and are asked to pack if forced to flee to another country.
-Students also encouraged to reflect on what basic needs the child refugees are lacking, from the Children basic need perspective.
Lesson 3: Mustapha – Story of a Syrian Child Refugee (40 mins)

-After video and discussion sessions, students explore the difficulties of child refugees and the rights have been deprived of.
-Students then reflect on how organizations and individuals can help.
-Students are encouraged to be aware of and respond to the issues related to child refugees.
Lesson 3:Extended Learning: Understanding Hong Kong Refugees and Child Refugees

-The extended learning adopts self-learning model which provides guidelines for students to research online about the situation of Hong Kong refugees and child refugees.
Lesson 4: Take Action – Design a Facebook Post for Child Refugee (40 mins)

-Students apply the knowledge learnt and design a social media post that can raise students and public’s awareness on the refugee issues.
-Students are encouraged to respond to the issues through positive actions.




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