I just want to be myself


UNICEF HK Make A Video 2017 Finalist - Senior Secondary School Category
Lee Kwun Chung (Po Chiu Catholic Secondary School)



This one-minute short film is what I want to tell my parents. There is a pair of glasses in the video, half of it is what my parents want me to do, while the other half is what I want to do. Everything I see will be blurred once I wear this pair of glasses, which does not only represent that I cannot meet their expectations, but also that what we want to achieve are in contrast. Finally, when the film comes to an end, my parents support me and help me to take off my glasses, and we live happily ever after.


Food for Thought:

  1. What is the interest of the main character in the video?

  2. Did the main character’s mother support his interest? (Hints: How did his mother response after seeing the sketchpad?)

  3. If you were the main character in the video, would you share your views with your parents? Why?









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