World class


UNICEF HK Make A Video 2017 Finalist - Senior Secondary School Category
Cheng Hiu Lam (Tsuen Wan Government Secondary School)



In the video “World Class”, there were three girls talking about their dreams. One of them said her dream was to travel around the world and was opposed and laughed at by the others immediately. I hope to deliver the message that people’s dreams should not be limited by social norms through this video. We only live once, people should pursue their goals, hobbies and dreams.


Food for Thought:

  1. One of the girls in the video mentioned that her dream is to travel around the world. Her friends teased her about this. How did she react to their oppositions?

  2. What is your dream? What contributed to this idea? What would you do to achieve your dream?

  3. List three important things in your life. (e.g. Family and Friends, Academic Results, Wealth, Dream, Freedom)









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