SDG Goal 9: Industry, Innovation and Infrastructure


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Build resilient infrastructure, promote inclusive & sustainable industrialization and foster innovation.


Key Targets

- Develop sustainable, resilient & inclusive infrastructures
- Promote inclusive & sustainable industrialization
- Increase access to financial services & markets
- Upgrade all industries & infrastructures for sustainability
- Enhance research & upgrade industrial technologies
- Facilitate sustainable infrastructure development for developing countries
- Support domestic technology development & industrial diversification
- Universal access to information & communications technology


Why sustainable industry and innovation are relevant to child rights?

Sustainable industry, innovation and infrastructure can improve the realization of rights of the children who are the hardest to reach.






Teaching Material Download
Global Goal Fact Sheet:Goal 9: Industry, Innovation and Infrastructure

Publish Year: 2018
Pages: 4

Relevant Curriculum:
- General Studies
- Life and Society




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