SDG Goal 10: Reduced Inequalities


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Reduce inequality within and among countries.


Key Targets

- Reduce income inequalities
- Promote universal social, economic & political inclusion
- Ensure equal opportunities & end discrimination
- Adopt fiscal & social policies that promotes equality
- Improved regulation of global financial markets & institutions
- Enhanced representation for developing countries in financial institutions
- Responsible & well-managed migration policies
- Encourage development assistance & investment in least developed countries


Why reduced inqualities is relevant to child rights?

Discrimination based on age, gender, ethnicity or disability serves to disadvantage some children in many different ways, which hinder them from developing their full potential.






Teaching Material Download
Global Goal Fact Sheet:Goal 10 - Reduced Inequalities

Publish Year: 2018
Pages: 4

Relevant Curriculum:
- General Studies
- Life and Society




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