SDG Goal 15: Life On Land


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Protect, restore and promote sustainable use of terrestrial ecosystems, sustainably manage forest, combat desertification and halt biodiversity loss.


Key Targets

- Conserve & restore terrestrial & freshwater ecosystems
- End deforestation & restore degraded forests
- End desertification & restore degraded land
- Ensure conservation of mountain ecosystems
- Protect biodiversity & natural habitats
- Promote access to genetic resources & fair sharing of the benefits
- Eliminate poaching & trafficking of protected species
- Prevent invasive alien species on land & in water ecosystems


Why sustainable terrestrial ecosystems are relevant to child rights?

Humans rely on planet’s ecosystem to provide natural resources. Promoting a sustainable use of terrestrial ecosystems will directly benefit the environment that children will inherit and inhabit.






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SDG Fact Sheet: Goal 15 - Life On Land

Publish Year: 2021
Pages: 4




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