Child Rights Education: Study on Hong Kong Implementation


UNICEF HK strives to promote CRE in schools. Besides organizing different educational and youth programmes, we also explore ways to improve our support with regards to the teaching needs of teachers and educators on CRE through a more comprehensive understanding of current situation.

Therefore, UNICEF HK commissioned a team of scholars from the University of Hong Kong to examine the CRE implementation in Hong Kong from 2012 to 2014. The study was conducted through local data collection, comparison of policies and teacher training practices in Hong Kong against international practices.


Some key findings are captured below:

  1. Schools’ role in promoting CRE: More than 80% of the participated teachers and principals recognized their fundamental role in promoting child rights

  2. CRE Teacher training: Only 5% – 21.1% participated teachers and principals received CRE teacher training

  3. CRE in curriculum: Only petite CRE reated context in PSHE, Liberal Studies and Civil and Moral Education

  4. Source of knowledge: More than 70% of students said teachers are their source of child rights knowledge

  5. Student Participation: 40.9% – 69% of participated teachers and principals reported their students able to participate in decision making at school


Suggested improvements for better CRE implementation in Hong Kong






Teaching Material Download
Fact Sheet on Child Rights Education: Study on Hong Kong Implementation

Publish Year: 2016
Pages: 8
Policy Brief – A Comparative Study on Children’s Rights Education: Implications for Policy Reform in Hong Kong

Publish Year: 2015
Pages: 7




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